How do I use Arion™?
The Arion™ is easy to use. Simply remove the cap. Add plain tap water to the "fill line". Replace cap and lightly shake
to distribute water among the hydrogels. Wait a few minutes for the water to be absorbed. Place Arion™ in your case.

In 1-3 months, when the hydrogels begin to shrink, simply repeat process above.

How many are required to humidify my case?
Depending on the relative humidity, how often you open the case, and the size of your case, more than one Arion™
may be required to maintain adequate levels of humidity in your case.

I practice my violin every day, so I use two Arion™ units in my case to ensure adequate levels of humidity. I find that
I rarely have to tune my violin, and my bow hair remains slack, preventing shrinking and warping.

What is the size of Arion™ ?
The Arion™ is 6 inches long, by 1 and 9/16 inches wide, and 1 inch in depth. It fits in a variety of cases, including cello, guitar, viola, violin, and many more.

How long will my Arion™ last?
The proprietary special solution combined with the hydrogels will last for many years. However, we recommend replacing
your Arion™ on an annual basis, as environmental elements may become trapped in the casing, weakening the solution.

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